Why do you need your jewellery valued?

Here are the main 4 points;

1) Your jewellery is uninsured or under – insured

An Insurance valuation might be the best investment you ever make. Every day, hundreds of homes are ransacked and jewellery is an important target of the thief. If you are unlucky enough to be robbed, only an accurate and up to date appraisal, probably within the last three to five years, recognised by your insurer will guarantee that, in a monetary sense at least, you will not suffer loss. Over the last ten years the price of gold has risen by almost 300% from a price of approximately £350 per oz to £960 per oz and the price of silver has risen from £6.50 per oz to £13.50 per oz. If you do have a claim, do insist on a replacement from the jeweller of YOUR choice. Do not let the insurance company or loss adjuster persuade you with their choice of jeweller or even urge you to choose replacements from a catalogue, or even a suitcase!

2) For Confirmation of Will

To facilitate the sale or division of property following a death. Unlike an insurance valuation, which indicates the full retail replacement value, this low assessment is based on amounts likely to be achieved at auction and is determined by the intrinsic worth of the materials, the condition of the pieces and prevailing “fashion”.

3) Family Division

To facilitate the sale or division of property following separation.

4) For Private Sale

To ensure a fairly priced sale of goods between individuals, often friends. The prospective buyer is entitled to “a bargain” as he is not being offered the customary guarantees of a reputable jeweller. The seller can expect a better price than he would get from selling into the trade as the jewellery will not subsequently be expected to produce a profit.

What does your Valuation contain?

  • Valuation contains an expert description ( in duplicate ) of the items to be insured with the current retail replacement cost.
  • Colour Digital images of the pieces for further identification.
  • Explanatory notes on terms and abbreviations.